Helpful Hints for Food Preparation

One of the most preeminent aspects of the Vaisakhi Parade is the tradition of celebrating the harvest through the giving away of food to attendees. Both participants and onlookers are treated to a wide range of free food items, prepared by hundreds of local citizens and distributed without charge to those along the parade route. From tradition Indian foods and sweets to more mainstream food offerings, parade goers are treated to a wide range of foodstuffs.

The following tips for the citizens preparing the items for the 2018 event:

  • Hands – Have a hand washing station setup next to the food preparation area. Wash hands frequently with liquid soap and use disposable paper towels to dry hands.
  • Storage – Store food and keep clean water for cooking in covered containers. No Styrofoam is permitted during the event.
  • Sanitize - Have a bleach water solution (1 oz bleach per 4 L water) available for sanitizing work surfaces. Clean work surfaces between contact, especially between raw and cooked foods.
  • Thermometers – Have a probe thermometer available to check internal food temperatures.
  • Food temperatures – Refrigerators should be capable of keeping foods colder than 4 degrees Celsius (40F); hot foods must be properly cooked or reheated to 74 degrees C (165 F), before being held in chafing dishes at 60 degrees Celsius (140 F) or warmer.
  • Trash – Garbage receptacle should be covered.

Outdoor Festival Requirements

Fraser Health Temporary Food Permit Information

Food Safety DO's and DON'Ts (English)
Food Safety DO's and DON'Ts (Punjabi)

Hand Washing (English)
Hand Washing (Punjabi)

Please note: Temporary Food Permits are not required for residents, just businesses operating food service at the parade